WittyFeed’s Culture Perfectly Fits Today’s Youth’s Spirit

When it comes to choosing a regular 9 to 5 job, we always look for a role that meets our needs, where we would be contentedly engaged with our work, and when it comes to choosing a company we seek an environment where we could just blend in with our colleagues, and even the bosses, mainly a place where we feel at ease.

I joined WittyFeed in May 2017, I had heard a lot about this company which began its operations just three years ago and gained a whopping amount of success in no time. Being a modern Internet company, the office is strictly designed keeping its youthfulness alive. Everyone here is almost of similar age, even the bosses here aren’t any older than 28.

WittyFeed isn’t just an office, it’s a place with people from various backgrounds who share the same interests. The office environment isn’t like those corporate giants. Instead, it is as of a family which focuses on beliefs and values. Every morning, we have a morning standup where a member of every team briefs their achievements of the previous day, followed by the Om Chant which we begin our mornings with.

WittyFeed OM Chant

Once in a month, we have a session called as the Town Hall, where every employee gets a chance to interact/ask questions to the boss about anything happening in the company, also discuss several ongoing and future plans.

Celebrating special occasions such as Birthday, Farewell, etc. have also become a part of this culture. Also the entire office begins clapping when the traffic on our website increases significantly. This traffic celebration is what I love the most here.

Everyone here is treated and greeted with politeness and equality, just as in a family. Our CEOs want to continue protecting this culture and drive the organization forward. This organization continues to grow exponentially, and we have now become the second largest content creator in the world.
WittyFeed CEOs
Our fancy 10,000 square feet office also has a sleeping room, table tennis area and an impeccable view of the city. Evidently, this organization is very much youth-oriented and would continue to be as all the employees continue to share the same motive and desire for success.

Working at WittyFeed has evolved me as a person as I have become much more sincere and punctual, not to forget that this place is full of opportunities that makes one grow, both, personally and professionally.

WittyFeed has become more than just a company to me, a family away from home, and I am sure I wouldn’t like it any other way.

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