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WittyFeed India Ranks Second in the Country in Video Viewership

We always are eager to learn and know what is going around in the world. This is the reason why content has become the quintessential part of our lives. Whether it is in the form of text, poster or videos for that matter, the format in which it is presented has transformed over time. Still, the bottom line remains the same, whether it is news, entertainment or infotainment, you seek; there’s content in every minuscule part.

WittyFeed being the largest content marketing company in India and second largest of the world has always strived to succeed in any and all endeavors. Recently, as per the Mary Meeker’s 2017 Internet Trends report, the expenditure made on the Internet will be more than what people spend on Television. It’s evident enough that videos are gaining momentum at a much higher rate than content was ever consumed, given the convenience a viewer has. With Facebook having more than 2 Billion monthly active users, and increased consumption in videos, WittyFeed has garnered more than 209 Million Facebook video views. We did video marketing for brands such as &TV for their TV Show “The Voice India Kids”, and Bollywood films like Golmaal Again, and the results have been significant.

When we created more than 75 videos (sketch, motion video and caption) in the month of October for our Facebook properties, Vidooly ranked us 2nd in the category of “New-Age Entertainment” category on the basis of video views. It was September when we worked our way to the third spot and along with our relentless efforts to step up our game in the world of videos, here we are at second place succeeding. Vidooly is a video marketing & analytics software for brands, multi-channel networks & creators. It tracks video data across all platforms and in the recent report released by the firm stated our achievements.
So, how did it happen?

Well, being a content marketing company, we understand the importance of how a particular piece is floated and presented. It’s all about how crisp the content can be projected as and to make it as much informative as it can be for the viewer to learn from it. That is why, here at WittyFeed, we have a dedicated team of scriptwriters, video editors, production team, directors and each and talent one would need to deliver a great video. Similarly, when it comes to delivering for brands and collaborating with them to promote their products, our scriptwriters make sure that the script written for a motion or sketch video is well researched. Thorough research helps us as a company to achieve the same objective, as the brand is expecting from a video. That’s not it, we have a dedicated team of social media with around 25 Facebook properties where the social media executives take care of video posting. Before a video is posted, branded or not, the video type and the audience of a particular page is kept in mind and then it goes live.

That’s it for today folks, stay connected and don’t forget to watch our videos taking the world with magnificent numbers.

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