WittyFeed Brought Me Closer To My Love

I was just turning the pages I held in my nervous hands, trying to figure out the reason why I was sitting in what you can call as a well lit, lavishly decorated office, I had absolutely no reason to go any further. And I heard a faint voice from behind calling out my name.

Do I need to do this? Is this what I want to pursue? 

I had a couple of questions troubling my mind and asking my heart not to walk any further. Fumbling I gathered myself up and walked to a room where a person with a wonderful smile greeted me. It wasn’t that wonderful to me. I knew I was doing something I never wanted to. I sat in front of him, gulping all the nervousness down my throat, I calmed myself down because I had to do it. It was my interview, for God’s sake.

And I heard a number of questions that were all a clear bouncer for me.

“What do you like doing the most?”, I heard it. Yes, I did and I sang in a happy fashion, “I love writing.”

I said it and that was the moment I knew what made my heart feel all jiggly. It was my ability to express and explore. Little did I know about WittyFeed, I just went over to all the sites applying for a job for I had to start earning and get a real stride for life. I ended up applying at WittyFeed for the post of a Storyteller.

“Storyteller”, sounded wonderful to me. At least it was not something like being a “Content Writer.” And I was called in for an interview. I was happy.

The interview took me 3 long days to get through for how could a Computer Science graduate, who barely finished off college, search for her dreams writing.

It was difficult for everyone to imagine a girl who was wandering, settle down for something she most accurately realized some months ago.

It was difficult. But I made through. You see “If you follow your dreams, they know their ways.”

Luckily, my dreams found their right direction and I am proud to say that it has been more than 7 months that I am high in love with the place my dreams are living in like a family.

I love WittyFeed. 

And well, a daydreamer and a night thinker, found the right place to do big. 

Cheryl John, Storyteller, WittyFeed

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