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WittyFeed: A Wonderland of opportunities!

I once used the word ‘lit’ while writing an article and within few minutes, I was called by a senior… asking me to explain the meaning of this ‘urban’ word! I was later asked to justify the usage of that word which was eventually followed by its elimination from the article. I faked an eager, understanding smile, went back to my desk and was lost in the article again.
Of course, I had just taken up the job, and I was silently advised not to question the authorities.

Time flew, and I got an opportunity to step into WittyFeed. A fancy name! Ain’t it? From Day 1, I realised that I was a part of an organisation that is letting me experience all the good bits of creating a brand. Well, an already established brand!! I realised this place is full of self-starters. And yes, there are no glass ceilings. No limits. WittyFeed lets you put in all that you can, trusting your insight and your abilities. Cool enough? Well, there’s a lot more to it. Not to forget, everyone here is of the same age. Even the bosses! 😛

A place that follows family culture. When I say family culture… I mean it. This place means it. This organisation made me a punctual person. It made me love Monday mornings, and it made me love pushing my limits. And did I mention FOOD??? Oh yes, WittyFeed belts out great home-cooked food for us.
It’s been three months as a WittyFeedian now, and never have I ever witnessed a room for boredom because I have a new thing to do every day. I get to wear different hats, working with different teams and believe me, it’s nothing less than awesome.

Working at WittyFeed has enhanced a number of things in me. Things that are intangible, yet visible! One of the best things here is that your work is always recognised! Yes, they let you steal the show. They grow..you grow. WittyFeed isn’t an organisation for me..it’s an experience. And yes, I am flaunting, because WittyFeed is worth it. I have learnt about things I never knew existed. The culture motivates me to put my best foot forward, and believe me..this place has some magic.

Maansi Jaiswal

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