WittyFeed 2017 Year Of Impact

This Is How We Made 2017, A Year Of Impact

Hello all,

I want to express my gratitude to each one of you for all the love and support you have shown to us. And lots of love and wishes for the new year 2018.

Time literally flies, I am too wondering how quickly these 12 months passed and we are now bidding good bye to another glorious year 2017.

2017 gave us a lot of good memories and I am extremely proud to say that our motto for the year ‘the year of impact‘ witnessed some pretty good results.

Since the Internet has rewarded us with the name, world’s second largest and India’s largest viral content platform, how could we not make our articles go viral? Guess what, our stories generated 875 million traffic throughout the year.

Here’s a quick review of how our stories created impact over the year.

1. Internet Trends

Internet TrendsSince Donald Trump took over the White House in January, he kept himself trending and viral the whole year. We were the ones who were benefitted, the articles we covered around him went super viral on the Internet. Other than Trump, there were several global and Indian trends we made the coverage on.

2. Originals

WittyFeed Originals Stories
We believe in ideating at its best. Our in-house team left no stones unturned to add their original essence to the trending issues. And the result, there were some crazy stories that our audience made the viral.

3. Slice of Life

Real life stories of people
Spreading humanity is in our blood. Since we have a slogan, ‘In the business of making people smile’, we can’t stop covering real life stories of people and good deeds of organisations. We are happy to share that we created positive impact through our ‘slice of life’ articles and spread positivity and inspiration among our readers.

4. Brand Perception

WittyFeed Brand Perception Stories
The year 2017 was a milestone for us to establish ourselves as a big brand in the market. And we believe we have made it. Our in-house team of researchers, writers, editors and designers developed dozens of such articles which got hundreds of shares.

5. New Family Additions

WittyFeed New Family Additions
WittyFeed has expanded its horizon and is ruling the content industry in almost every aspect.

6. Experimental Stories

WittyFeed Experimental StoriesAh, one should never stop experimenting. We tried our hands on movie reviews, celebrity interviews etc. and the results were quite interesting.

7. Top Stories

WittyFeed Top StoriesWittyFeed’s talented and passionate in-house team of writers and editors developed the total of 14,500+ stories in 2017 which generated more than 875 million total traffic. Thanks to our super awesome Audience Research & Development Team that has worked tirelessly throughout the year in the facets of content distribution.

Want to know which articles rocked WittyFeed in 2017?

13 Screenshots Of Cheaters Getting Caught In The Act” gathered total traffic of 13 million.
Heartbreaking Words Of The Sadhwi Who Was Raped By Ram Rahim Singh” gathered 150K views on WittyFeed’s own FB property.
Who Really Is A Man And How Society Describes Him?” was shared more than 3K times on WittyFeed’s own FB property in less.
I Need Hair on Chest, Says Shah Rukh Khan To Meet The Demand Of Wolverine Character” was commented by more than 3K readers on WittyFeed’s FB property in less than 24 hours.

8. LearningsWittyFeed Learning

Majority of WittyFeed articles are distributed through Facebook pages. So we are always bound to move according to Facebook’s policies and guidelines. Thanks to Facebook that acts as a guardian for us.

That is all from my side, for today. WittyFeed looks forward to having another incredible year 2018.

Thanks to Kunal, Shubham and Mukul for helping me with data and info!

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