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Top 5 Online Video Marketing Trends for 2018

Marketing is necessary when it comes to selling a product. Whether it is you or the brand you own, if you don’t change according to changing times then complacency steps in. It takes no time for a product to be affected by the stagnation and face the downfall of decreased sales. Same goes with digital marketing, today, if change doesn’t occur in the way things go around then after a time its impact deteriorates. The success of a content marketing strategy majorly reflects from one metric and that is social media engagements.

To give you a brief about marketing trends, earlier blogs with loads of text was the first thing which a marketing strategy involved. From telling about a product to its safety measures, how it should be used, and every related aspect was written down; for the user to read. Times changed when that text took the form of images and posters depicting the same information in less space efficiently.

Necessity is the mother of invention, and as the lives of people became busier; videos have taken over the virtual world surpassing every other form of media. When an Indian spends almost 8.5 hours online, watching videos every month on an average; there is a lot of scope video marketing companies have already started to cash in. For this very reason, online video marketing has become the need of any company for its survival in the world of marketing. I’m sure that if you’ve come so far then I’ve got your attention, let me tell you about Video Marketing Trends 2018 then.

1. Self-driven sales

From the statistics you’ve read so far, makes video marketing the latest trend to increase sales. Did you know only 19% of prospects are willing to talk to a salesman when they want to know about a product? So, browsing through the Internet becomes the next place for gathering information about a product they want to know about. This also means that in order to convert your potential customer you want them to have a rich experience. Content marketing done in the form of videos get the most of traction because it is engaging (firstly) and one gets to know how a product functions or about it’s features way better than any other medium. So goes with any other kind of communication or lecture if it’s not a product you’re trying to market exactly. So, the better your videos look, more are the chances that the customer will be convinced into buying what you’re selling.


2. Focus on videos majorly

Like you just read, it’s about providing the customer with better experience, yet the fundamental reason behind the upcoming trend of video marketing won’t die off any sooner is the busy life you lead. There’s a chance that you’ll lose approximately 25% of your customer base to some other content marketing company because you haven’t switched to videos yet. Live are becoming busier by the hour and people have become more cautious before they purchase a product; so, instead of reading reviews they prefer to watch videos. It enhances their buying experience and when we add all the above, it boils down to one simple thing – the customer end wants videos to be the source of information regarding anything and everything.


3. Quality over quantity

Though, the above two points tell you about entirely shift your base to digital marketing, you must not choose to flood your channel with videos. How would you prefer to watch a movie – in 240px or HD quality? The latter, of course. So, the next time you think of uploading a video online, make sure that it is in good quality, otherwise your potential customer won’t get attracted to your videos. The reason I tell you this is, more and more people are stepping into the video genre and it is self-evident from the massive number of videos which are being uploaded nowadays on the the Internet. The only chance you have at standing out from other video marketing agencies is, you upload quality videos than just shooting a low quality video. The few videos you upload should be excellent in quality because once the viewer starts watching it, the video’s quality will determine whether s/he watches it till the end and subscribes to your channel or not.


4. Storytelling will still be there

In the end, the quintessential aspect which would matter in the video marketing is how much engaging the content is that you’re make. Take any form of media, for instance, from text blogs, posters to videos, you will have to think of a strong content first and then incorporate into a video. We are emotional beings and if through good storytelling you’re able to tap into the emotions of the viewer in a video, then I’m sure the results won’t disappoint you.


5. Don’t go for short

You might have heard it somewhere or the other, at some point in life that the videos need to be short and that, you’ll not be able to engage the mass if the video created is too long. Well, dear friends, videos will not function that way ever with the increasing number of video publishers striving in the virtual world to make their mark. Sounds confusing? Well, the bottom line is, as long as you’re able to keep the viewer engaged in a video, your video marketing is sorted at any point of time or year.

We do watch films which are a couple hours long, right? So, video marketing trends might change with time but as far as the length of a video is concerned; that’s irrelevant to be even considered as a metric of video marketing success.

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