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A Thank You Note And New Year Wishes To World’s Talented Bunch Of Storytellers

Hello all,
The time you are busy sharing greetings with your loved ones, I am here thinking about each one of you, churning on how can I make the best contribution towards your bright future in all ways possible.
Some of you have spent more than a year with me, the rest are here for less than a year, a few being even less than a couple of months old to me. No matter how much time we’ve spent together, you all are equally important to me. I adore each one of you, with not having even the slightest of the feeling of discrimination and bias-ness.
As we all have stepped into 2018, I can’t forget how much crucial 2017 was for me, in my career. And trust me, each one of you has made my year better, better than I had thought of. The respect you have given to me, the faith you have kept on me, and most importantly, the way you have tolerated me all this while has raised some more responsibilities I have shouldered for you.
We may not talk to each other on a regular basis, I may not call you to my desk for days, you may not have a mood to greet me good morning at times, that doesn’t mean there’s distance between you and me. My days are spent looking at you, looking at how you are doing, looking at what more I can do for you. 10 hours a day of my office stay is incomplete without you.
Do you even realise how awesome you are? WittyFeed has become ‘WittyFeed’ today, just because of each one of you. If stories and storytellers would not be there, WittyFeed wouldn’t have been known as the viral content company. You may not feel the importance of it, but you are giving audience the purpose of life through what you do every single day.
I scold you at times, I get frustrated over you, but whenever I do that, at the end of the day, I feel bad for making you feel bad. The only motive behind me doing all such bitter stuff is to make you understand how high my expectations are for you. Because I believe, destiny has handed over me the responsibility of shaping your career. If it was not the case, you wouldn’t have been here with me.
This 2018, WittyFeed is going to grow like anything. The company will be ruling the Internet directly and each one of you will become the direct influencer all over social media platforms. Are you ready for that? Are you willing to move on as per my expectations? Are you preparing yourself for this big change?
Before all this, do you believe in the fact that WittyFeed is the best career choice a passionate youngster like you does have?
2018 has come to you with huge opportunities and achievements, get ready for that. Get ready to see the best version of yourself, bid goodbye to the weaknesses that are stopping you to perform the best.
2018 is going to give you tough challenges and insanely hard times, but don’t feel yourself alone, I will always be there for you, we will together make things better, better than ever.
Here’s my new year gift to you. It’s a task. Each month will be the opportunity to build and establish a virtue in you. If you happily/positively/seriously accept this task, my purpose of being your lead will be fulfilled and the moment I get to feel it, I will be the most successful professional in the world.
1. January – Self-supervised
2. February – Innovative
3. March – Responsiveness
4. April – Accountability
5. May – Leadership
6. June – Confidentiality
7. July – Self-control
8. August – Loyalty
9. September – Contentment
10. October – Purposefulness
11. November – Trustworthy
12. December – Excellence
Start discovering every aspect of these virtues. And have a wonderful year ahead. Lots of love and blessings!
Leena, Chief Editor, WittyFeed.

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