Speak Out Loud; The World Needs to Listen

As the elevator nears the 9th floor, the constrained cubicle fills with the aroma of delicious food. My sense of smell (which isn’t bad) tells me we have an oriental dish to look for during the day’s lunch.

Nevertheless, I reconfirm the menu from the guy who delivers lunch to WittyFeed‘s team of 120 people every day.

I’m also accompanied by a somewhat senior man who, after a firm look at my ID, realises I work at the company.

“Bohot achchi company hai, Saahab. Inhone mujhe do baar Amrikaa bheja (It’s a really good company, Sir. They’ve sent me to the US twice)!” the grey haired man exclaimed.

Unable to figure out the bewildering statement of how WittyFeed could fly him to the US, twice, I was astonished and amazed at the same time. The bigger question that  perplexes me, ‘Why would they?’

Breaking the short silence that occupied the air, the man continued, “Ek baar toh unhone tab bheja jab apne Swachhh Bharat Mission ki shuruaat hui. Main bhi ‘jhaadu’ leke ekdum taiyaar tha saahab (One time the sent me was when our Swachh Bharat Mission had launched. Even I was ready with a broom).” The excitement with which he narrates himself resembles that of a soldier who’s chest is all puffed up and beams with pride as he speaks about his duty defending his nation.

It doesn’t take me long to decipher his bemused expressions. His pictures had gone viral.

WittyFeed Gaurd Uncle

Or not. But the man certainly found himself in thousands of Androids and iOS across the seven seas. Although he didn’t really ever visit the States, his digital footprint very much did. The campaign he believes in, did. It was his moment of fame. The old man, with his many dreams as everybody else’s, seemed to have had one wish struck off from his bucket list.

I sensed it’s their unwavering faith in every insignificant man that makes WittyFeed WittyFeed. They’re not just about numbers. It’s moments like these that actually define who they are. Who we are.

As I near my desk, a molar-to-molar smile hangs around my face. I boot in my laptop and finish on some work. To let the world out there know of moments as these. One moment at a time. They can’t wait.  We can’t wait. That lunch surely can.

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