Happy Republic Day

Republic Day 2018: “India is a country of emotions.”

“Thank you,” said the card punching machine at WittyFeed this morning just like every other day. But something was different today. My colleagues were all dressed in ethnic dresses, saffron, white and green just like all those tri-colour balloons around.
While I was looking around, I heard our CTO Shashank Bhaiya. “Let’s start the day. Happy Republic Day, everyone. Kaise hai sab?” he announced.
I hurried to the front and I saw CTO Shashank Bhaiya starting with the morning standup.
“So, how many of you know why do we celebrate Republic day?” he asked. We all knew and so we answered. Then came, “Why do we need a constitution?” Most of us raised our hands. Some said rules are important while some said constitution ties the nation together. And definitely, these are the valid points.
Then according to the schedule, team members from different departments shared what they did yesterday and what plans do they have for today.
Following this, began the interesting part.
After the reporting session, we conduct an activity each day in which we call a team member on the King’s Landing and all others then share good things about him/her.
But today’s was the unique on. Guess who was that special guest for the day! It was INDIA! Yes, on the special occasion of Republic Day, we called upon our nation on the stage.
“So, tell, what is that one good thing you guys like about India,” CTO asked. At that moment, I truly didn’t expect that this whole scenario would turn out the way it did.
First hand raised and then one by one each one of us started to share what do we like the most about India. “I love that though we are all from different cultures, we are Anekta mein Ekta.”
“I have traveled to many places, but the welcoming nature that India has, no other country has it.”
“India is a country of emotions.”
“No matter what kind of person he/she is, India allows them the right to speech. Everyone here has the right to put his/her opinion.”
“Our motherland India is so much like our true mother.”
Honestly, while I was hearing all this, there came a moment when I had a little tear in my eye. At that exact second, I understood how extraordinary my nation is. I suddenly got a feeling of pride for being a part of this nation, for being an Indian.
While I was in the dilemma of emotions, another question came by, “What is the first task needs to be done before designing a building?” asked Shashank Bhaiya.
“Well, it is the task of strengthening its roots, its foundations.” we all replied.
“Exactly. If the building has strong roots, create as much as floors on it, it will stay strong. And just like that, India has very old yet strong roots. And this is our biggest strength.”
Those sentiments I was having right then and there, I don’t know whether they were because of the heat of the moment or a sudden patriotism rose into me. But yes, after this standup, I felt a different yet highly positive energy in my body the whole day. It was definitely one of my best morning standups at WittyFeed till now.

Happy Republic Day, all!

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