WittyFeed 200K Real Time Users

New Year hit early at WittyFeed when in December it earned 200,000 users in 24 hours

The WittyFeed family had a fantastic November when records like 68,000 concurrent users on the website were made, days after which turned into 86,000. Another milestone was set but who knew that December had a more significant surprise waiting for us all. It was when the clock hit 12 at midnight and the month of December started to witness massive traffic on one of the world’s largest content marketing platforms. And, just two hours into the night, we hit the jackpot when more than 200,000 users were browsing through WittyFeed (.me and .com domains) together. We never understood our true potential until that significant night in the history of our lives, when destiny tested us, Netizens browsed us, and we thrived like never before.

WITTYFEED MAGNIFICENT 200K by WittyFeed on Scribd

Our geeks have optimized the website and database to an extent where our site was able to handle 300k requests/minute at a rate of 1.9k writes/second. To the uninitiated, it means that more than 200,000 people downloaded a total of 2.69 TB of data from WittyFeed’s website in a mere 24 hours.

Not to forget the excellent content which the readers were going through, which coupled with the time spent by them on a single story churned an average page session of 4. Combining the perfect back-end support and meaningful content, WittyFeed witnessed 16 Million page views in the first 24 hours of the December month.

It was no specific group of people from particular vicinity who were consuming 500,000 minutes of data; the traffic acquired that night was coming from all the places of the world putting the USA on top of it, followed by UK, Canada, India, and Australia. Even the devices registered by us were ranging from a Smartphone to a desktop, the statistics made us achieve one of our prime motives of touching the lives of people and their diverse interests especially the top 5 categories of the breathtaking midnight – Humor, Animals, Celebrities, Photography, and Health & Fitness.

“Who we are? – We’re the Champions” is ingrained in us by our beloved CEO Vinay Singhal and that is what drives us to keep setting new milestones and benchmarks. We’re beyond records!

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