I Am In Love With WittyFeed

What makes an organization successful? Goodwill? No. Substantial share in profit? No. Mergers and Acquisitions? No. High pay scale to employees? No. Of course, these factors are vital for an organization to flourish. But, what’s the most phenomenal secret/funda/cheatsheet/lifehack to maintain the success equilibrium of an organization? Human Resources.

One day, at work, I read an axiom which said,

‘CFO asks CEO, “What happens if we invest in developing our people and they leave us?”

CEO: “What happens if we don’t, and they stay?”’

WittyFeed is ranked 2nd largest viral content platform in the world and no. 1 in India. The reason behind this paramount success is, the leaders prioritized their employees’ welfare, coordinating it with achieving their organizational goals. If you depend on someone, there lays an obligation for the leader to look after the well being of their provider. And the leaders of the WittyFeed, added gold, more than required, to keep the failure at bay.

I joined WittyFeed on June 3, 2016 as a Storyteller. Believe it or not, I’ve never felt so fortunate working with such enthusiasm. There’d never been a gloomy day, there’d never been a day I went home with an empty mind. And most importantly, I overcame my writer’s block. Now, I work with the flow, keeping my productivity in mind. And not to forget, self-awareness.

There exists no such organization in this city, state or country which takes proper measures right from the morning cup of tea/coffee to the ultimate dinner. Also, we have a sleeping room in the office, itself, so we can include a good night sleep as well. WittyFeed provides its employees with the healthiest of delicacies and taking proper care of everything we need.

About my colleagues, I would like to say that other organizations which provide strict boundation of dress codes etc. I believe WittyFeed is perhaps the ‘uber-cool’ organization which understands the true balance of professionalism and candour. Every employee in this office is highly supportive and affable.

Last, but not the least, I am a Game of Thrones aficionado. And this is perhaps the best thing about the premises. Every room is entitled according to the kingdoms in Game of Thrones. Every morning we gather at King’s Landing for the morning stand-up meets, the reception is named as ‘The City Watch’ and so on.

And, when after reading this, you get a feeling that working at WittyFeed is like ‘#workgoal’, you are most welcome, old sport. Because, we aim to please.

Thank you,

Harveen Tuteja, Storyteller, WittyFeed

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