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How ‘Workplace by Facebook’ helped WittyFeed’s internal communication

“Any company which is using Workplace by Facebook, has the best in the world communication channel and flow of information within the system. We can say that with our experience.”
– Says WittyFeed, world’s second largest content company

In October 2016, when Facebook introduced Workplace, we as an online content company were among the first ones to start relying on Workplace as our communication channel. Since day one to almost a year and a half now, our experience of using this space has been astounding. Today, our employees from across the nation and some from different countries are using Workplace and 90% of them are just one text away, thanks to its Android and iOS Apps.

How Workplace helped us:

If we talk about benefits, then its facility to provide crystal clear communication and collaboration platform has certainly provided us the leading edge in the market, and the experience of using its features is par excellence.
Overall working experience with different people has never been so easy and enjoyable. The best part of the story is, we never had to train our people, as they understood Workplace since their first day at the office, again thanks to Facebook.

Increased efficiency:

Workplace connects you with the people of all departments in a blink of an eye, real-time. We don’t leave our happy desk at the office for small things, we use Work Chat, and that saves a lot of time of the organization on a whole. As per the recent feedback that we received from our employees, on an average, every employee saves around 60 minutes in a day. As we’re a team of 100+ people, we overall save 7,200 minutes everyday. Or let’s say, we work 7,200 hours extra everyday.

Data security:

There’s a lot of data which is confidential and needs proper security when shared with anyone in the organization, Workplace solves the particular purpose in a way that it’s hard for an intruder to break its security.

More than just an email:

Workplace is a 21st century tool. It provides you facilities like audio calling, conference calls and video calling which makes the communication more productive and purposeful. Apart from that, it has reduced our dependency on mails, as they lack to provide some extra features.


At WittyFeed, we have a separate group for almost everything which goes inside the premises. There’s an Announcement Group for important notices, Family and Celebrations Group for celebrating birthdays and anniversaries, EoD Group to share the milestones which we have achieved at the end of the day, and Weekly and Monthly Agenda Group to share our weekly and monthly plans with team leads.

Creating industry leaders:

We have created an open environment on Workplace at WittyFeed. We encourage people to share their opinion, take part in decision making and problem solving processes at all levels.
As the administrator has access to all the data, it helps the company in spotting the most active users on Workplace, and track their activities. Workplace database assists in finding the personas within the organization who can be the industry leaders in near future.


In short, WittyFeed is using almost all the features that this powerful technological tool has to offer. Workplace is breaking all the barriers of communication that exist in any professional system. We can proudly claim that 100% of WittyFeed employees are on Workplace with improved processes, better chances of innovation and a chance to walk up the ladder and grab bigger opportunities. We are also working on automating many of the business processes and activities by using BOTS and are sure to build efficiency and discipline in many segments and divisions.

That’s all, folks!

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