Google Conducts A Session On ‘Design Thinking’ At WittyFeed Headquarters

WittyFeed Content Team recently had a session with Google’s representatives on Design Thinking. It was all about understanding the users and serving them what they expect from us. The session focused on the innovation WittyFeed needs to take care of while formatting content strategy.

Some of the key highlights from the session are:

Think from users’ perspective: Focusing on the users is the most important aspect. Businesses should focus on users first. It will help in understanding what a user wants which further helps to build constructive strategy.

Think 10x: Big organisations like Google, Apple are already focusing on 10x concept, and that is helping them to grow at faster pace. Think 10x basically means to widen the approach and thinking skills to 10x. The out of the box ideas should come on a regular basis in the Organisation.

Strategies of Think 10x:

Do a competitive analysis in regular basis
Identify the unique value that you are going to provide to users
Recognise the investment of time by the readers and accommodate the same
The mobile and social experience for the content need to be outstanding
Properly staff your team: Get the best people from the industry

Brainstorming: This is the only way to discover new ideas. The more we brainstorm, the more innovative ideas emerge.

Prototyping: During the session, there was an activity conducted, each group was given a task to make and develop a product according to the USER’s need of their team. Deadline of 30 minutes was given and every team showed some really fantastic presentations and concepts.

In the end, the participants were introduced with some of the Google Tools which are of great help to all the content creators.

Thanks to the facilitators Shefali Arora and Ankit Gupta for offering us a fruitful session.


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