Content Marketing Strategy Tactics

9 Tactics You Must Use in Your Content Marketing Strategy

We’re all aware of social media and digital marketing, while they still remain one of the biggest places where marketing happens, Content Marketing has stepped in and topped up the marketing game as several small and large companies have adopted this way of marketing in the recent times.

Using right Content Marketing Strategy helps a brand establish itself by reaching out to the right target audience and providing useful insights to their consumers. Let’s find out how we can do effective content marketing using these content marketing strategy tactics:

1. Blogging:

In this digital age, Blogging has seen a tremendous amount of growth in the recent years. Since 2003 blogging has continuously evolved every year. A blog can reach out to a million users now with the help of SEO. Using a blog helps a brand to do more than just promotion, it helps in engaging the right target audience and create better relationships with their customers. Blogging also helps in directing traffic to our own website.

2. Video:

Videos are the most influential way of engaging with the audience, and folks just love it. Videos give higher conversation rate and way more engagements. Not only this, videos are much more consumable and memorable than just texts. They appeal in a large number to the users using smartphones to access social media. Using the right videos also helps in building trust, which leads to creating long-term relationships with the viewers.

3. Native Ads:

Native advertising is a fairly old concept and basically involves having an advertisement around the content which blends in so nicely that it does not look like an advert at all. It can be considered as one of the most effective traffic strategies in the world of content marketing. Native ads have a unique way of mixing into the surroundings of Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other places where people react to the content.

4. Social Media:

Social media is the perfect place for a brand to engage with customers, however, it’s important to be strategic with the content, as there are various social media platforms where a brand can market themselves, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+.
It’s important to post the right type of content for the right target segment, also in the right community to get proper engagements and interactions.

Every social media platforms is different than each other and has different types of users, thus for using social media effectively, we must plan out proper content for the right type of platform.

For example: On Twitter, one can post texts/images with 280 characters. On Facebook, a lot of fun images, get the most like/share/comments.

5. Interactive Content:

Interactive Content can be termed as the future of storytelling, as it can be much interesting than just plain texts. Interactive Content such as infographics, videos enhances the user experience and helps in creating more user engagements than just the normal content. It also attracts a large number of audience and increases conversion rate significantly. Using interactive content benefits an online user to give their full attention to the website and it’s considered highly effective in educating them.

6. Email Marketing:

Even in today’s digital age, e-mail marketing still can be beneficial if used in the right way, email marketing is a subscription-based marketing channel, so if people have already signed up, they obviously are looking for more information from you. It’s important to provide users with the right type of content and to always know what kind of content are they interested in reading.
Also, we must put a sign-up button for the online newsletter on our website, and set an example as to explain why they must sign up.

7. Press Release:

A press release helps a company in several ways, it majorly is used to create awareness among the users about a specific brand, a press release is a great way to reach out to the audience and tell them about the latest happenings of a company. It also strengthens the corporate valuation of the company and boosts the SEO. The most effective way to use a PR is to create content that people would love to read.

8. Editorial Calendar

You might have heard about the traditional marketing calendar as it helps us visualize the content for the coming days, whereas Content Marketing Editorial Calendar is very strategic comparatively.
It involves a deeper understanding of the audience and their choices, and what would make them interact with our brand.
Using a content marketing editorial calendar makes us more efficient with our work as it’s strictly based on strategy, dedicated towards the timing of the posts and website growth and promotes consistency

9. Testimonials

The best way a brand can use testimonials is on their website where customers can review the company, this type of practice helps in establishing confidence and trust, also driving various different people to test your products and services. Customer success stories about the company is a valuable thing on a website as it truly shows what the company is made up of. The best way to keep this going is by asking our customers to write about the company and post on the website. Even negative feedback is always welcomed as it can always be worked upon.

These tactics prove to be really effective when executed, so start implementing, you can always come back on this blog for more information!

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