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How Content Marketing Is Better Than Other Media Ad Formats

Content Marketing is a way of marketing which is strictly strategic and process-based that helps a brand reach out to their desired target audience, engaging them with their useful content and information which may be of their need.

Content Marketing has become the most useful medium of marketing in the recent times, especially in this digital era, as it gives one the freedom of customizing the target audience according to their own needs.

Content Marketing blends in with user-friendly content but has a motive for marketing at heart.

Major companies such as Coca-Cola, American Express, IBM have given up advertising as they have successfully run content marketing campaigns and produced great results.

Content Marketing has changed the way businesses are run these days as it helps them reach out to the largest audience network available online, a brand’s online presence is a huge thing now as it helps them interact with their consumers socially and establish a brand image.

Other than Content Marketing, there are other types of media ad formats such as TV Ads, Newspaper Ads, Radio Ads, Urban Ads, Banner Advertising, Poster Advertising etc.

A large number of people still watch TV advertisements but this has changed in the recent times, Conventional Advertising has become more interruptive, earlier we used to watch advertisements between programs and now we get to witness the programme in between the advertisements. It just gets more irritating when we’re watching something that we really like and suddenly an annoying ad pops up. Nothing frustrates a consumer more than this.

In this fast-changing world of marketing, the average digital ad spends of a company has taken that over of advertising. Although, we can’t say advertising isn’t beneficial as it still continues to thrive, and would still do. Of-course video ads are much more engaging and informative than reading content but they cost a huge amount of money to make and run on a regular basis.

Advertising gives really quick brand awareness to consumers, it’s especially great to promote short time offers. It also helps a brand to get instant traffic on their website as the reach of a video marketing is massive. The advertising media industry will continue to grow but people watching would only remember your brand while your advert is still up and running, once your advertisements is off air, your brand image would also disappear gradually from the minds of your consumer.

Content Marketing is a better alternative to advertising as it’s fairly less expensive, creates a better brand awareness among the users on social media. Content Marketing Benefits when done nicely, a content marketing campaign can help in establishing an emotional connection with users, also educating and engaging them simultaneously. Many leading brands have chosen this way of marketing as content marketing success rate is much better andi it also helps them differentiate themselves with their competition.

It can’t be said content marketing is easy, it’s definitely not. It’s a game of patience and the one who shows regularity and sincerity would win the customer’s trust and loyalty. When compared to all the other marketing formats such as Banner Advertising, Poster Advertising or Video Advertising, etc. which provide short-term benefits, Content Marketing is the best long-term marketing strategy that can influence consumers and build the brand image at the same time.

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