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One Sunday meet when I sat together with my team to discuss on the things that make us who we are- the response was overwhelming.

In whatever little experience I have had with my life as an entrepreneur there is one thing that still makes a lot of sense to me-  CULTURE.

Brian Chesky, Airbnb’s CEO in one of his articles titled “Don’t fuck up the culture”, says that culture is like a machinery. And there is no denying that. How do you make sure that your machinery is efficient every day of every second?

You might want to run through a few checkpoints to make sure of that.


Culture should allow its people to pursue their passion. Making it possible for them to be whoever they want to be.



There is no scope of climbing higher if it’s not for innovation. No culture is only subtle. It is innovative, ever evolving. It allows its people to fail, fall – multiple times. But it also teaches them to stand up and try again.


Any culture should not be rigid. Shed little edges and welcome anyone new. Over the period of 4 years, our culture has always been the solution to every brain happening in the country. People stay because they have every reason to.


Every culture has a certain set of core values that live forever. Those values should be preserved.

For instance, if we talk about a company who makes cars and they are known for their mileage. No one in the market is as efficient as them, in terms of mileage. So they might change the interior of the car, they might experiment a little with the design. They might change the presentation but if they ever disappoint their users with the mileage they won’t be the same.

And that’s how it works. Those core values become your identity, sets you apart.



Any machine at any point of time will seek your attention. You just can’t ignore any part, nor can you mess up with the output. Culture like any machine doesn’t take in account any spare parts. If the raw material you put in is right, the output will be unparalleled.

Stay Tuned.

Vinay Singhal, CEO, WittyFeed

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