Benefits of Video Marketing

Top Benefits of Video Marketing for Small Business

Are you self employed – run your own business, bachelor or working for a company? No matter in which category you put yourself in, one thing which is for sure is you have to make your own standing and pay your bills. What if I told you that video marketing is one great opportunity for promoting your business or securing your side-income while you attend college? The world always has been full with products which companies have tried to market and sell it to you. They put every effort in their marketing eternally to make the potential customer aware of it, especially when it comes to small businesses. When it comes to small businesses, online video marketing makes more sense because it requires minimal investment and one can get to pitch the same audience competitors are gunning for.

Big businesses ask video marketing companies to take care of their video marketing strategy and Facebook video marketing. When it comes to the new entrants or small businesses, you should know the benefits of video marketing. Even video marketing agencies keep the following points in mind when it comes to digital marketing:
> Spread knowledge about the usage of a product
> Tell people how to do things (How-to manual kind of videos)
> Adhere to infotainment where people along with getting entertained gain information about things they didn’t know earlier

When all of this is combined with promoting your own brand or some other brand’s product natively, we name it video marketing. One of the fastest growing categories in social media marketing and to tell you why the benefits of video marketing is far more than any other kind of marketing, here are a few points to invigorate yourself:

1. Increased conversions

Digital marketing doesn’t only include Facebook video marketing or uploading videos on YouTube (we’ll come back to this later), but there’s much more to it when we talk about videos. Videos are attractive and it catches attention way faster than any other medium of communication. Adding a video to your website’s landing page can increase conversions by 80% because people are influenced more by videos than any text or poster. Therefore, when a Netizen happens to crawl over your website because of your other content marketing efforts then, you’ve already convinced the user to stay after the video you’ve put on your landing page has caught their attention.

2. 100% attention

The odds are high if I say – you’re reading this on your laptop or a personal computer. And, when 50% of the mobile web traffic comes from watching videos, it is evident enough as to why online video marketing for small business can be beneficial. There’s more to it when I tell you that 59% of executives prefer to watch a video than read. Apparently, one of the major reasons why this change is being witnessed because when a person watches a video on smartphone, s/he doesn’t has any other distractions due to the video taking up the whole screen.

3. Virtual practicality

Let’s talk about assembling an Ikea furniture, reading a how-to manual where every nut-bolt specification is written, all the jargons and how the top will be put atop the four legs, et al, creates a lot of problems for you and a lot is lost between the lines. Instead imagine you’re just provided with a video and nothing is left to your understanding of between the lines; you see a guy assembling the same table in a video and you do as it is demonstrated. Well, such a relief, that’s the impact of videos. Not only do you demonstrate the functioning of that but the kind of help you provide the viewer with is something they can never forget about. What do you get out of it? You get a loyal subscriber, firstly. Secondly, the next time s/he is searching for a how-to manual kind of videos or the category you choose to make your videos on, the first thought will be of your channel’s where they can get the similar kind of videos.

4. Live demonstrations

The next thing which comes in line after that is “how it works?”. It’s simple to write down lengthy chunks of text where you talk about a device’s working or review it, yet it can’t supersede the weight a video carries. When a person sees a product’s function, then s/he can rely on it more than ever. Once your channel gains momentum and you purchase a decent hardware to shoot your videos, then you can pitch brands for your channel. If you’re into technology then, you may pitch a tech giant for doing a review for them. This kind of online video marketing can be done for any and all kinds of companies, where you not only get paid to show the world your collaborations with brands but also, your channel also gains subscribership and popularity.

5. Live streaming

Lastly, once you’ve started to gain momentum and your subscriber list is increasing eventually, go live! Don’t opt for subscription letters via email or spam them on social media. This one’s important, when you’re live with your followers, answering them in real time, helps build your credibility. People consider your channel to be authentic when they’re able to see the person who has been imparting knowledge or entertainment; also, live interaction is the new buzz in today’s times. When you tell your followers in advance that you’ll be live, then there’s more engagement since people look forward to that time. The game’s not over yet though, if you’re not able to talk substance or answer to the questions people are asking at that very moment, it hampers your channel’s image a lot. And, on the other hand, if you happen to have a great live interaction then, your video marketing sees significant growth and exponential at times.

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