Do You Aspire To Become A Storyteller? Come, I Will Help You!

Stories have defined our world since always.  From the dawn of communication, they have continued to evolve with their purpose remaining the same; to entertain and to teach.

But today we communicate a bit differently, since our information now gets fragmented across various media channels. Also, the way has been churned out into 100-character blurbs.

Writing is a dream job for many but not all can excel at impressing for whom they are writing; they might lack the necessary skills to succeed. They want to write, they aspire to write but like every other job, content writing is not a bed of roses. So, consider me as your Genie if you wish to become a writer at one of the largest platforms of the world because here I am to share my experience of evolving as a storyteller.

Hello people, I am the NEWLY EVOLVED Storyteller @WittyFeed, since I was just a writer when I joined but this place has turned me into a responsible representative of my company, my readers and most importantly THE TRUTH.


So, initially what do you plan on? First things first, HOW TO START?

Writing with purpose is essential: Sometimes, you’ll find yourself putting off writing an article. It’s usually because we don’t have a clear sense of purpose for what and why we’re writing and also there’s a failure to understand the subject well enough. So, before the writing even starts, it’s imperative to have a vision of the article and how it should be written.

Well, I do consult other people if I find a difficulty in addressing a particular topic.

Designing the story: The creation of a story is a magical and random process. The blank word processor is authors’ canvas, painting it with the colors of thoughts and writing whatever inspires them at the moment. Though, great stories don’t just happen randomly, instead they’re designed. A specific method should be used to build a story.

Deadlines: You should know that personal deadlines also matter. They give you something to work towards, forcing you to make most of the time, deadlines enable you to structure your writing.  Plus, if you finish it before time, it boosts you up with more energy and positivity.

Not just writing: Just writing for the sake of showing your work is not enough. There are two aspects: one is to satiate your heart after you finish writing and the other is to get your story ranked on Google. For which you need to take care of SEO even without relying on any expert; which calls for every article to be written finely.

The essence/relatability: Once I found an article on ‘things to remember when dating a younger woman,’ it didn’t take me even two seconds to click on it… because it was exactly something which I could send to my boyfriend. So, there are situations in everybody’s life for which they tend to find something relatable and this is the time when you as a writer can come to their rescue. To come up with ideas which could quench their thirst is not difficult since the water we drink is the same (the pain shared could be the same). Tap deep into the collective psyche and have right dramatic cues.

Personal Growth: If you are a writer, then keep this in mind that you have to grow continuously. You have to keep on reading so that you know latest writing updates. One of the best ways of growth is feedback and one of the best ways of getting feedback is asking your friends and family. You might take your seniors/editors in a negative way but your friends will give you a true feedback.

Also, one of the crucial things remain in the fact that you should get habitual in reading other writers on your own platform. Since they are the ones who write in the same way, you can make an easy analysis of your style.

Grooming: An activity which should come in your habit is to re-read your articles after they get passed through your editors. Yes, with this you get to know what you had written and what changes have been done. As in what was wrong in your article which your editors didn’t find suitable to display.

The acceptance: Although my WittyFeed profile today, is a verified one, but you know my very first article was returned to me by my editor?  It had a negative description. He asked me to write from another angle… and he rejected again. I felt insulting. Then I wrote it again. It was liked and passed. You know what was the right thing in this? I came to know that a thing can be written from 10 angles, in my very first article; the thing which strikes writers at a relatively later time.

Building up for yourself: You also have to be social media expert because name recognition is also important. Social media has everything you need within your grasp. It also helps to build your audience and when your writing gets published… the fun has just begun.

In addition to this, social media platforms are the best sources of finding (first) content.

Good research: As we’ve learnt that we have no rights to make claims on our own, thus it is also vital to consider at least seven sources of information to gather authenticity as well as information. Do not… I repeat do not rely on a single source of information.

Authenticity:  Everybody works, everybody has a boss, everybody is answerable to their seniors for their actions… but, we storytellers’ boss is the audience. Yes ma’am/sir YOU.

If we fail to put up authenticity, we would be answerable to you. If we support a cause which is against your wish, we would be liable to answer you. You then just don’t have to answer your seniors but to the whole world. Commit a single blunder, and an account would be kept by people.

With regard to this, it is also essential to realize that we are not reporters, hence we cannot claim anything. We have not been in the direct contact with any responsible person so this condition calls for some authentic backlink. (So that nobody can claim as ‘wrong’.)

Engage-ability: It should not be just telling and teaching. Rather, it should be you talking to your readers. Put up questions, put up examples. They should not be jaded out when they reach the end. In fact, they should at least be attracted to reach till the end. Ask them something, the answer of which lies somewhere later in the text.

The importance of being the first: If one thing/news has been served to the readers already, why would he/she be attracted to read yours? The person/website which covers a particular area first, magnets a majority of audience to it. Post which, your article serves no purpose to them. And even if you fail to hit the right time, don’t worry since the iron rod remains hot for quite a while and it can be struck with innovation. BRING A NEW ANGLE and the audience will come flying like bees after a honeycomb.

And there comes a time when you start getting offers from other websites, attracting you with everything they could, I know this is the best thing ever. But believe me those are just attractions because the place which has groomed you till date will one day make you a perfect product. It knows your pros and it knows your cons. You trust it and it will trust you back.

The shower of love: Let’s talk on a lighter note but the most important one. Being a storyteller will flood your Facebook profile with innumerable friend requests. Yes, the appreciation, the increase in subscribers, gives whole lot of new confidence. The love is just overwhelming. It is because you come to know that there are actually people who are reading you, waiting for you to give them new articles. It is the time when you stop writing for money or for yourself, but for your readers who give you immense love.

You might be the one who has given a pleasant news to someone early in the morning and have made their day. You might be the one who have written about tips what to perform in situation of a heart attack and saved their lives.

It is wonderful when you get connected to people all across the globe only because of your stories. Yes, people who respect the way of your writing tend to get in touch with you.

With all this, you also get to realize that you’ve to serve them with something new and different always. It’s like brand loyalty. If you’re dedicated towards Apple, then it tends to come up with innovations to keep the customers contented and so is the responsibility of a storyteller. You are not a mere content writer but the one who bears the duty of keeping your customers/readers happy.

Yes, this is the kind of work which is seen to the world. Your contribution of work is not just restricted to the company but to the world.

And it stops being just words, when ‘content’ is added to ‘writer’ and when ‘story’ is added to ‘teller’.

Well, storytelling is more about telling than the story itself. Millennial Journalism is more about the presentation than the precis.

So, I hereby invite you to emerge and become a competitor to me. Good Luck!

Signing off,

Savreen Chawla, Storyteller

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