17 Reasons Why WittyFeed Is Everyone’s Dream Job

I was at the crossovers when you came along, and I haven’t lost my way since.

Till now, you have been knowing WittyFeed as a charticle platform to express and explore, but what you don’t know about WittyFeed is what I am going to tell you today. Relate to me or not, but I am proud to tell you that this place is the first love of my life.

I was here to be a writer, but I bet that I would come out as an all-rounder one day. I would be a lover, loyal and more responsible because of the responsibility here, is not just for you but for others too.

Not getting me? Come with me, I will help you explore my words.

1. “We are a family here!” say the co-founders.


I was not so amazed at this very statement because every interview I had been into, this was a common line I got to listen from everyone. But well, my first day proved me wrong when I got to know that we not only have brothers and sisters but also parents here (I would like to emphasize that we have no *sir* and *ma’am* here).

By parents, I refer to the delta (founders) of the company who have not only given birth to WittyFeed but we all are their children as well. They nourished the company for 6 long years and are now acting as our guardian. And certainly, you enter this place as an employee but you end up being the new-born child of the family.

2. Throwing away traditional hierarchies.


The CEO of the company is highly approachable, you can even see him working next to you, on the same table. And proudly, I would say that here does not exist any employer-servant relationship, which allows you to share your ideas even with the top-level management.

Well, to your surprise, I would like to tell you that I was impressed to discover such a transparent structure where we were told even about the tax and revenue of the company and even the salaries of every employee.

3. The interview helps you to get out of your comfort zone.


This is the weirdest of the interviews I have faced where after 4 long rounds, I could have been simply disqualified if I was not able to dance or sing. You know the reason behind it?

Well, the simple answer to this is, the company does not hire you on the basis of your qualification or achievements, they certainly do not look at the best and the brightest minds. They just want you to leave behind your ego and come, thus assuring you that there are no overqualified people amongst you.

4. There is such a thing as a free lunch after all.


So WittyFeed is not the only company that provides food as a perk, but it’s still a big deal and let’s be honest, we’re all human and we all like perks especially the food facility. And above everything, the way to an employee’s heart is through their stomach. Apart from this, lunch time is my favorite, not to fill an empty stomach because you have plenty of snacks to grab on throughout the day but this is the time which brings you together with the employees from across the organization.

5. You are your own boss here.


I don’t know how to elaborate this piece of contentment because here, you are pressurized by your work and not by any person. You are the owner of your work-day here. You may be directed and guided by others but certainly, you are not penalized and nobody gives up on you. If you think of something, you can surely implement it. There are motivational and inspirational speeches but no orders.

6. Privileges for joys and happiness.


This is to keep the young and energetic family members pumped up because Work and Play are not mutually exclusive; it is possible to code and sing at the same time.

7. Team of 93 people – World’s Second Largest Viral Content Company


What more do you want from a team of 93 people? By the way, you would think of nothing, but on our part, it is still a long way to go.

But, in explanation to have such a small team in comparison to others, is the belief of the CEO, who says a smaller team means more room for growth and individual’s growth is the company’s growth. To support his statement, I say that you can progress better when there is no pressure. And it is good for you to know, that the eldest of all of us is just 29. They say the youth is the future of our country and hence we set an example for this.

8. This is our war field that does not involve any competition.


Didn’t get me? Yes, we have wars every day, war with the declining traffic, where our weapon is “speeding up”. These are not two rows of separated tables, but we are connected with a major goal. There do not exist things such as “competition” and “better than you”. Ever ready to support, and your work is not more important than others’.

9. Easy inter-departmental transfer.


Now, which company allows its best manager to become a salesperson? Are you aware of any? WittyFeed permits you with the liberty to ensure expertise in every field, you can follow your passion, your dream, and your demand because once you are a part of this place, we do not let you go. Or say, you can follow what you love.

10. Friday’s Fun Day


It is not just a platform for writing stories but also for showcasing your talent. Isn’t it a thing to be proud of, that you not only work for your goals and revenue but also for encouraging the talents that were hidden? We have successfully completed the first season comprising of 8 episodes and all set to conduct the second season as well.

11. ‘Situations’ termed as crime here:


A) If you don’t smile!078vi52vczhpt651f2jl

B) If you skip your lunch!


You dare skip your meal and everybody will force you to eat double.

C) If you don’t clap when the traffic increases!


D) If you call anybody ‘sir’ or ‘madam’!


12. The Food Mate series


I mean, what else do you want in a company? You have everything here, what is left out? This series of ours’ shoots, the making of famous dishes from various food places as well as covers in house cooking. And guess what… it’s us who do the testing of the taste. HAHAHA! I don’t mean to make you jealous.

13. Family Member of the Month

I don’t think my description will stand anywhere in front of this lovely video but still explain, this is how we are appraised not for being the best member of the month but for being the most caring member of the family, where you have to be dedicated not only towards your work but also to others’ happiness.

P.S. Every single member is loyal here, but it was our beloved CEO’s idea to encourage us to achieve more. Yes, guys, the honor includes a decent amount of cash.

14. Work hard so that you can party harder.


You might be having parties occasionally, but I suppose, not every one of you would get boosted by the founders themselves, to dance harder. You can be the craziest and silliest around them without any fear.

15. Stress-relieving activities.


You can get many articles published by various people and sites on tips to relax your mind and to take a lighter approach towards your work. But we ourselves are the inventor of our own stress. We play blind games, we sing in the middle of the work, we are surprised by choreographers to teach us dance

16. Extending a helping hand.


You know WittyFeed does not earn money only for itself but also for its well-wishers! That’s wonderful to feel. Being a part in making someone’s life better is the best you can contribute to your work. It is not an NPO, but certainly not less than an NGO.

17. You enter as an employee but you become a star.

There are innumerable opportunities for you. WittyFeed has everything that an employee would expect. You get to work in the short movies and explore your acting ability. Isn’t it fabulous to see yourself turning into an actor?

Come be a part of our family!


There is no registration cost to enter our family circle…….. because we don’t want you to just follow us or read us, we want you to LOVE US.

And there is a little bit of emotional blackmailing, “You can quit your company, but you cannot quit your family”.

CRAZINESS defines WittyFeed perfectly.

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Savreen Chawla, StoryTeller, WittyFeed

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