Laws of Social Media Marketing

10 Basic Laws of Social Media Marketing

What is a law? A term which resembles rules and regulations and any person who comes under the scope of it have to follow. And, what is social media marketing? It’s the use of social media websites to gain traffic and attention from followers of that particular social media handle. This later on comes in handy when a brand’s product has to be promoted to monetize from it. Though it’s your own wish as to be active on a social media channels or not, and no one will ever stop you from posting on social media channels. Still there are a few laws which you should abide by, but why? Apart from the fact that companies like Facebook (for instance) can stop you from being active on their platform but even if they don’t, the following laws will matter. If you choose not to, then from your regular posts to the one’s which will amplify a product’s reach for a brand, each and every aspect will get affected adversely in reaching out to your audience. So, even if you feel that you can surf and browse around the social world the way you want, these laws will help you in a much smoother journey than without them:

1) The Law of Listening

Do you like those sales calls you get more often than not? No, Right! Well, the same goes with the ways social media marketing works. Each and every social media marketing company makes sure that they research about their audience first, what their followers want to know about, read about and serve them with content what they haven’t explored yet and are interested in. And, just like listening is quintessential in a conversation, in social media marketing the first law which should be considered is – observe what’s in trend and float what your target audience wants than just filling their timelines eventually making them unfollow you affecting your follower base.

2) The Law of Focus

Imagine yourself to be a client for a moment and is approaching a Social Media Marketing Company to promote your brand. There are literally thousands of Social Media Marketing Agencies present their in the market to broaden their market cap in the field of Digital Marketing and Native Advertising. This law of Focus happens to be a key element if you want to step up as a firm which becomes the first preference when it comes to content marketing. If you’re into social media marketing then instead of considering each and every type of content in your Social Media Marketing strategy, choose a genre and post only one kind of content. Not talking about monotony here, choose a sector, let’s say automobiles – focusing only on content revolving around the automobile industry will not only make a better image of your platform but also help build a better name in the world of social media for marketing.

3) The Law of Quality

One of the parameters which help a Social Media Marketing agency to measure impact is the engagements received on a post. Once you’ve chosen a specific content to go ahead with on your social media, its quality will matter much more than the number of posts you make in a day. Hypothetically, in a social media marketing done for business, if one single post is done in a day grabbing 1,000 engagements and in another scenario, 10 posts are made and not even 100 engagements are gathered. The former sounds much more convincing right? Well, that was law of quality.

4) The Law of Patience

Sounds too easy? Yes, it’s easier said than done. While you’re planning Social Media Marketing strategy, make sure that you don’t skip out on adding a touch of being patient in the process. The aforementioned example of 1,000 engagements on a single post isn’t achieved overnight. Just like a vast business empire, to become a Social Media Marketing agency which has a great presence in the Internet world, one will have to wait and constant efforts with a patient mindset will only help in earning a name in the digital world.

5) The Law of Compounding

The virtual space is immeasurable and infinite, yet is held in a person’s fist. In a world where more than 2 Billion users visit Facebook in a month among other social networks, people are feeding through a lot of content and sharing it too. One of the important factors which should be considered here is the kind of content you float, it’s presentation from thumbnail to title and further as to what you offer with it. Based on this, the target audience will then choose whether it is shareable or not. On being successful in achieving this feat, now the Netizen consuming your content will share it with multiple people on multiple platforms.

What is the first thing you’ll do when you don’t know anything? Google it. Finally, each of the above points will contribute in generating more entry points on the web. This means, when an Internet savvy person will now search for something, not only s/he can see your social media platform’s information on top but also quality content.

6) The Law of Influence

Want to expand more than just creating good content? Establish contact with people who have already been successful in attaining the kind of audience you’re looking for. Approach them to float your content through their platforms; you’ll witness growth in your audience share along with increased credibility.

7) The Law of Value

The world has gone online but still, word-of-mouth matters equally. Posting content continuously in the name of social marketing can jeopardize your vision of digital marketing. You should try and involve yourself in conversations with the people of Social Media Marketing companies so that, when they are looking for an affiliate or planning to devise a Social Media Marketing strategy then your name can pop in their heads. This can only happen when you have a strong presence in the virtual world and communicate about it to the concerned people, adding value to your business.

8) The Law of Acknowledgment

Are you ready to approach people present in the physical world out there? Some aren’t and you should have the understanding for that too. Therefore, people might just approach you through a text on any social media platform which you shouldn’t ignore because even your tiniest bit of replying to them adds to your value through word-of-mouth.

9) The Law of Accessibility

Well, if you’re thinking that only replying to the messages you receive will do, then it won’t. You also have to be active on your social media pages and the posts you make, being available to your audience adds authenticity to your social media handle and the follower is also able to connect with you. This also would mean that they won’t unfollow you or switch to following another social media page because there’s a personal connect you’ve built with your audience.

10) The Law of Reciprocity

All the nine points were circling around you, right? Despite all the efforts mentioned above, you won’t succeed in your ambitions without helping out others. Lastly, you also should remember to share and talk about content published by others; have the courtesy to do what you expect out of others. Reciprocate!

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